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Newsletter vs. Blog vs. Twitter

In this newsletter, I’ll provide early updates on things I’m doing. Especially while I’m still in school, I’ll probably be really slow on long blog posts, and this newsletter will be a faster way to gain access to my brilliant and cutting-edge research.

A lot of the kinds of things (e.g. esoteric research-posting) I’ve been doing on Twitter will be done in newsletters instead. Twitter will instead become a platform for casual shitposting, observation-posting, and conversation.

Compared to my blog, the newsletter will also be oriented toward general legibility. It may talk about real-life applications of esoteric ideas, while the blog will be more oriented toward theory.

Projects like the Classical Chinese & Daoism course I’m working on will also be further developed through this newsletter.

A Vision in Stages

I'm an alchemist, mystic, researcher, translator, and designer. I produce and teach the production of alkahest. I'm interested in the control of meaning-making on a micro- (individual, communal) and macroscopic (societal, global) scale. See more here.

In the far term, my project is informed by the convergence of several lines of thought I've seen emerging recently—toward the transformation of sense-making from top-down to bottom-up organization, on many scales.

In other words, I am working toward the enlightenment of all sentient beings. I am heralding the sad-dharma-vipralopa (age after the end of law). I am preparing for Christ's second coming.

In the mid term, I am doing my part amid the meaning-making crisis by accelerating people toward self-actualization a la Maslow (which usually requires ego death), and then toward the development of learning organizations a la Senge (which I believe is the optimal near- and mid-term praxis).

I am trying to build and immerse myself within a peer-to-peer, bottom-up network of like-spirited thinkers and doers to exchange ideas, products, services and value with. Such a network should be antifragile against disturbances in the larger system, including the collapse of governments and national economies.

In the near term, what I do well is therapy (including philosophy, magic, mysticism), in the sense of helping people destroy obscurations (trauma), achieve self-actualization, and get started on manifesting one's Will in the world (and the immersion into and development of learning organizations).

I also write and produce content (including courses) to publicize eclectic esoterica (literally in the sense of being "secret"). This includes both ancient (esp. Chinese) and more recent difficult-to-access texts and knowledge, such as important but hard-to-understand or easy-to-misinterpret academia. So these are what you're getting directly.

My Person’s Position

I’m studying cognitive science and speculative design at UCSD, but I don’t really want to be. School is a massive time drain for me, and ideally, I’d want to be in full control of my own time, to learn and to create in a way most directly relevant and meaningful to the world around me.

So now, I’m trying to establish sources of wealth (in the sense of perpetual, non-diminishing value) to enable this. I’ll start offering some paid products and services, and am available for freelance hire. Contact me @mlegls on Twitter, or via email to yz@zmzm.pw.

I intend to invest as much of my income as possible, until I am able to afford a basic standard of independent living through asset value compounding alone. Until then, I will consciously optimize my content for profit, but afterward will make all content available for free and optimize mainly for meaningful effect (in a global sense).

This is the best course of universally compassionate action I can currently see, to manifest my magician’s aspiration “oblitero omnis obscurantis.” But nothing is fixed, and I will inevitably adapt as new stimuli come. Communications of all sorts welcome.

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